Eddie Redmayne is rapidly shrinking into the slippery dark brown leather sofa upon which he sits, his head is disappearing under the neckline of his navy blue jumper, and his hands are raised ready to cover his ears. The cause of his discomfort? Me, sadly, as I read aloud some comments I’ve found on the various fansites dedicated to his very being.

Eddie: Flawless, ethereal, could ‘get it’ wearing tweed any day of the week,” I read out to him. “Wearing tweed?” he repeats in his very British accent, following it with a huge burst of laughter. “Eddie is possibly the best human in the world,” I continue, as he shrinks further. “Oh, God!”    

Eddie is so charming, and I am legit attracted to him.”

“Legit?” he guffaws. “LEGIT?” (x)

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  • Moritz Stiefel: God I dreamed there was an angel who could hear me through the wall.
  • The Phantom: Oh shit. Wrong musical. Shit shit I fucked up why are there chairs and horny adolescents.
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what are we waiting for?

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"He’s a little fighter. He kind of, he wriggles around quite a lot.” - Prince William

look at this baby what even was his name

rename him royal wiggles 

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I am so bad at conversation I’m sorry if u have ever tried to talk to me omg

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Title: When did you have that terrible vision?
Artist: Elder Price
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A collection of Elder Price singing niiIIIIIIIIIgHT just because

Prices in order: Andrew Rannells, Ryan Bondy, Nic Rouleau, Jonathan Cullen, Ashley Day, Matt Doyle, Gavin Creel, Davin Larsen, Bradley Gale, Mark Evans, KJ HippityhopHippensteel, Kevin Duda

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idk the best thing about jenn damiano is how DOWN TO EARTH she is like even though she is super pretty and successful she admits she’s shy and can get really anxious and wow jenN DAMIANO

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make me choose: ginabeck asked andy mientus or sutton foster
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talking to people about my obsessions pretending im just a casual fan

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princejoepher asked: All the Odds (:

1. uhhhhhh 
3. what friends do i have
5. standard earlobe pierce
7. narrow minded, too much seriousness, bad taste in music 
9. i don’t want a tattoo really i don’t like the permanence (which is the whole point) 
11. it will change in like 38 days so 
13. travel a lot and be a screenwriter 
15. aggressively single 
17. my cousins hate me with a burning passion 
19. catherine

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